The Oath of Hammers

The Carvings Left In Stone
The Forging of History

Session One – No mission too difficult, no sacrifice too great, Duty First.

It has been one month since the Ohsot-Alud (The Losing of Brothers). Heirvurm, Capital of Brother’s Union and Hammerhead of the Five Cities that make King Gerhund Warhammer is desperate for security and to discover what fate has befallen it’s nation’s soldiers and family.

Madrulh Warbellow Dwarven Foehammer Fighter
Grandmother Hild Warbellow, Minister of War, has run out of options and has been left with no choice but to conscript able body citizens into the military to try and discover what happened her people. While many members of Clan Warbellow were lost in the Ohsot-Alud, Grandmother Hild has a few members still in active service. She gifted her youngest son, Madrulh, with one of the Clan’s most ancient ancestral relics – the warhammer Lode Stone. It is up to Madrulh to gather a chose party and go on an expedition with the goals
Investigate the site of the Ohsut-Alud
Look for survivors, gear, clues, signs of attackers
Investigate the destroyed towns
Follow any leads on resources for the city

Geirmund of the Garnet Dwarven Underdark Druid
The Arch-Druid Gauss of the Garnet cast his gems of augury in order to learn how to aid his fellow Dwarves in this time of crisis. Through that he discovers that a member of his order, Geirmund, will play a crucial role in the saving of all Dwarves. In order to do this, he must find a female Dwarf Sorcerer whose powers were gifted by the very stone they stand upon. Arch-Druid Gauss comes to this conclusion from the following gem castings

Agate Geode with an Alexandrite touching – A fellow Dwarf can help, and a very rare kind of Dwarf
Moldavite one the other side – a magician who is touched by the earth
Morganite – a female
Two Alamanite Garnets – commonly ground to sand, this dwarf will help find and save them

Melanite – rare black garnet, an exceptionally bad omen for a difficult trial
Moonstone – a strange phenomenon touches the melanite, the trial is unique

Mystic Topaz – a false gem, manufactured and not natural, represents lies
Obsidian – a natural gem made of deep earth, the two together show something that is not as it appears

Adventurite – means something old and valued
Bloodstone – represents the pride of Dwarven culture, together they mean history

Beryl – signifying importance
Cat’s Eye Apatite – a reflective gemstone, signifying yourself or family
Cat’s Eye Aquamarine – rare and meaning water and life
Cat’s Eye Diapore – the dark and unknown
Cat’s Eye Scapolite – represents treasure and wealth
Cat’s Eye Tourmaline – restoration and renewing

Geirmund packed up his beetle companion, Bailey, and headed into Heirvrum where he was able to find and attach himself to the Dwarf the gems told him he would need to help. Now he just only had to wait.

Belbrina Copperhelm Dwarven Oracle of Juju
One of two students under the Gatekeeper Luminary as historians and morticians in the capital. Gatekeeper Bruska calls Belbrina into her office and informs her about a writ of conscription she signed because the Minister of War would like her to be part of an Expeditionary Force. The group will need a scholar and expert to decipher runes, map the area and try to piece together what has happened to the vanished. The Gatekeeper would very much like Belbrina to try and map the areas they go to and glean any information she can. He gives her a book that contains 5 uses of Speak with Dead. Belbrina is a rarity among the Dwarves as she is talents with working with the dead but not in a corrupting manner.

Ivan Ironbeard Dwarven Invulnerable Rager Barbarian
North of the capital, under a volcano, Clan Ironbeard makes its living in harsh conditions only they can handle and turn the lava, already hot and moldable into useful stone for other Dwarves. They are tough and resistant due to training and the harsh living they endure. Ivan is training in strengthening his body when the Chief comes and starts naming off recruits that will shore up missing parts of the Capitals forces. The Chief has ordered Ivan to a particular Force and does not wish to be let down.

Rubeus Deephammer Dwarven Rogue
A Dwarf with a penchant for attaining great rewards for minimal effort, Rubeus is conscripted into the military due to his skills and notoriety by a shifty bar owner who goes by Klinkenbeard. Klinkenbeard warms Rubeus that the military is out for him but it may be a good way to clear his past deeds in the eyes of the law, but also make some profit on the side by doing a few easy jobs for Klinkenbeard.

Katla Dwarven Deep Earth Sorcerer
Katla is the other student of the Gatekeeper Luminary but unlike Belbrina, her gift is working with earth and history (though she can’t often recall in what order historical events happen in). She is the one the Arch-Druid told Geirmund about and she will play a crucial role in the success of saving the Dwarves of the Brothers Union. Sorcery is a rare gift among the all Dwarves and she is doubly blessed for her bloodline of Deep Earth.

Once the members of the Expeditionary Force are gathered, travelling rats are purchased, food and water stowed, the Dwarves head out for Rocksprin – the first town on the way to Minitos.


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